"Self Help" service as your DIFFERENTIATOR


Your customers don’t want to read long FAQ pages, wait for a support agent to chat, or get an email response hours after sending their inquiry.


Say Hello to DEFLECT


Goodbye, repetitive order questions.
Learn why e-commerce and retail stores are turning to AI-powered automation with DynaNet to provide their customers with immediate support through email, social, and messaging.
Simply its more than 40% Deflection for Ticketing and Email!


We integrate with your Help Center and eliminate those repetitive support tickets while providing a great experience and instant answers for your customers
  • AI Self-Improvement
  • E-commerce Add-ons
  • Setup in days
  • E-commerce Chatbot for Live-Chat, Social and Messaging


Deflect instantly answers most of your order questions in a few days with an e-commerce chatbot in every channel


  • Handover bot to agent
  • End-to-end resolution
  • E-commerce Ready
  • Fully customizable


Seamless integration with your tech stack
Seamlessly connect with your e-commerce, support provider and shipping providers